Katrina Sweets & Confectionary is providing a Franchise opportunity for potential entrepreneurs, businessman and investors.

What candidates we are looking for?

  • You don’t have to be a baker, but must be willing to contribute to the success of business and efficiently manage your team. We are looking for:

  • You are highly passionate about our products and concept.

  • You have sound professional experience, preferably F&B related, and proven ability to drive their team to the success.

  • You have strong commercial and relational skills to develop close local relations.

  • You will put 100% your efforts to contribute the business.

  • You know perfectly the targeted area.

  • You are able to invest in the branch as specified in the table below.

Simple selection process:

  • 1. You download the Application attached, fulfill and send to

  • 2. You are invited to the interview with management to explain the business and further steps.

  • 3. Selection & approval of the location of future shop\kiosk.

  • 4. Franchise Agreement is signed.

  • 5. The process starts: contractor nomination, design preparation & fit out, pre-opening training.

What you will get:

  • Place selection: our support with place selection, shortlist of existing opportunities if any, analysis of selected places, support in negotiations with Landlord.

  • Designing: initial design of your shop with fit out contractor, standardized equipment and furniture, contract & planning checking & follow up with fit out & MEP contractor.

  • Before opening: Consultation for getting approvals, the checklist before opening.

  • Opening: elaboration together of the grand opening marketing plan.

  • After opening: Training of the staff in your shops with our staff, ongoing consultations.

  • Expected payback time depends on location, and can be from 1 year for kiosk and from 1.5 years for the shop

  • For questions and queries please call to 04 813 23 00 or write to