Katrina Bakery

History of Katrina Bakery

Katrina is a genuine confectionery and bakery brand. It was founded in 2007 in Dubai, UAE. After a series of hard work our small bakery has now become very famous in Dubai. Our small businesses and small coffee shops have been a place of huge manufacturing chain of coffee shops and latest belvederes. Our factory has modern equipment and our team members are very professional and helpful too. Our team has a big hand of customer support to expand our business. Without which we couldn't have expanded our business this much. All our products are of high quality. In short our bakery LLC is proud of the fact that it is decorative and flavoring, particularly about the products which have got such a huge recognition, not only in the UAE but outside as well. Company is HACCP & ISO 22000:2005 certified.

Best online delivery cake bakery in Dubai

Without cake cutting the occasion looks dull and incomplete. Earlier people used to celebrate it with cakes but nowadays people are cutting cake on their marriage anniversaries and on various occasions. Nowadays a variety of cakes are available which suits every event or occasion. In this modern world, the buying trend has changed. You can order your cake online with just one click and you will get your cake at your doorstep or any desired location without any effort. Online cake delivery has become very popular all over the world with the help of Google access.

Our Katrina bakery is based in Dubai and it is one of the best and most famous bakery in Dubai. We have three departments. There are manufacturers of bread and buns, confectionery and customized cakes. In our bakery we sell bread and buns including more than 50 items of different varieties like buns, rolls and cookies for confectionery. We have more than 40 denominations of cakes and pastries.

What we provide to our customers

The good part of our bakery is that we provide The best customized cakes online in Dubai for any occasion. We can design for birthday cake, marriage cake, anniversary cake, and party cake. We make fresh and delicious cakes every day. Our cakes have a beautiful texture and a marvelous flavor. We provide fluffy, spongy and smooth cakes which can easily melt in your mouth in seconds. We have a variety of cakes like cheesecakes, fruity, fudgy, nutty, coffee, chocolate, vanilla etc.

Benefits of ordering from our bakery

Ordering cakes from Katrina is the best idea because we give quick service and it is delivered to your doorstep at an accurate time. If you want to order cakes for your loved ones then our bakery is the best option for you. Our charges are very affordable and it doesn't affect your pocket.

Katrina Bakery


Our bakery is highly reputed in Dubai, UAE. Katrina Bakery provide both online and offline services for our customers. So if you don't want to go outside to purchase
cake then you can select on your own from the Katrina bakery website. Our cake collection is amazing and offers freshly baked ones for our customers.
Just order it from our bakery without thinking much.

Katrina Bakery

Message from the Chef

To become a baker or a pastry chef, I think you first of all need to feel the desire to create! In truth, they are artists. Only here the goal to achieve a good product is done by mixing flavors and ingredients. Our job is to transform ideas into reality, and of course to earn recognition from our grateful clients. I am grateful to my team in receiving appreciative reviews. Moreover, I would like to say a big thank you to our clients for their faithfulness and loyalty towards our business.

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