Eid-Al-Adha Menu 18 August 2018

Dear friends, our bakery is offering Special Eid Menu with following NEW ITEMS: – Cake 1 kg/ 1.5 kg by sugar paste. The price is 194.25 AED and 288.75 AED – Sheep Cake 1 kg by cream. The price is 168 AED. – Eid cupcakes by cream. The price is 10.5 AED – Profiteroles Gold […]

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NEW Flavours 31 July 2018

Dear customers, We happy to inform you that our bakery is producing four populare flavours of MILK CAKE: vanilla, pistachio, rose and saffron. Also we ready to get the requests of MILK CAKE FULL TRAY. Visit our branches and give the request for large MILK CAKE. Call to us: 04-251 55 77 WhatsApp: 050-477 2947

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Summer Bakery Menu 02 July 2018

Dear friends, Summer New Bakery Menu from Katrina Sweets & Confectionary: 1. Tender dates pudding covers by chocolate with caramelized almond’s crunches. You can buy Dates Pudding Pastry by 13 AED/per ps or Dates Pudding Cake by 95 AED/per ps. 2. All local people love a MILK CAKE with different flavours: – Milk Cake Pistachio […]

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Dates Pudding Pastry 17 June 2018

Dear customers, We happy to announce about a NEW PRODUCT – NEW TASTE! The Dates Pudding Pastry and Dates Pudding Cake, it’s a tender dates sponge is covered by milk chocolate and caramelized almond crunches. The price of pastry is 13 AED/ per ps. The price of cake is 95 AED/per ps.

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