Katrina Bakery Products Delivery

Our Katrina bakery is one of the most popular bakeries in Dubai. In our bakery, we have a huge collection of cakes and we deliver them too. We make customised cakes for our customers. So our customers can order their cake online with just one click on our Katrina apps and get the cake at their desired location without any effort. We are the manufacturers of bread and buns, confectionery and customised cakes. In our bakery, we sell fresh bread and buns including more than 50 items of different varieties like buns, rolls and cookies for confectionery. All our products are very tasty and fresh. We have more than 40 denominations of cakes and pastries.

The best part of our bakery is that we provide the best-customised cakes online in Dubai for any event. We can design any type of occasion cakes either for birthday cake, marriage cake, anniversary and party cakes. Our employees make fresh and delicious cakes every day. Our cakes have a beautiful texture and softness with marvellous flavour. We provide bread cake delivery in Dubai also. As well as we keep the latest sweets in our bakery. Our cakes are very fluffy, spongy and smooth cakes which can easily melt in your mouth in seconds. We have the best flavour cakes like cheesecakes, fruity, fudgy, nutty, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, pastries etc.

Ordering cakes from Katrina can be a great idea because we offer quick service and our rate is aptly affordable. We deliver to your doorstep in an accurate time. If you want to order cakes for your loved ones then our bakery is the best option for you. We deliver all these to
Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah and nearby areas. After eating our bakery cake, you will never forget the taste.

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