Back to School

25 August 2018

Dear parents, The time of back to school is coming soon! Before wake up early morning, let’s indulge your children with yummy cakes! The price of cake is starting from 183.75 AED per kg. The price of Mini Milk Cake Assorted (20 pcs) is 160 AED. Read more
Eid-Al-Adha Menu

17 August 2018

Dear friends, our bakery is offering Special Eid Menu with following NEW ITEMS:– Cake 1 kg/ 1.5 kg by sugar paste. The price is 194.25 AED and 288.75 AED– Sheep Cake 1 kg by cream. The price is 168 AED.– Eid cupcakes by cream. The price is 10.5 AED– Profiteroles Gold Plates 30 pcs – 63 AED or 35 pcs – 73.5 AED... Read more
NEW Flavours

30 July 2018

Dear customers, We happy to inform you that our bakery is producing four populare flavours of MILK CAKE: vanilla, pistachio, rose and saffron. Also we ready to get the requests of MILK CAKE FULL TRAY. Visit our branches and give the request for large MILK CAKE. Call to us: 04-251 55 77 WhatsApp: 050-477 2947 Read more
Summer Bakery Menu

1 July 2018

Dear friends, Summer New Bakery Menu from Katrina Sweets & Confectionary: 1. Tender dates pudding covers by chocolate with caramelized almond’s crunches. You can buy Dates Pudding Pastry by 13 AED/per ps or Dates Pudding Cake by 95 AED/per ps. 2. All local people love a MILK CAKE with different flavours: – Milk Cake Pistachio Moi... Read more