Summer Bakery Menu

1 July 2018

Dear friends, Summer New Bakery Menu from Katrina Sweets & Confectionary: 1. Tender dates pudding covers by chocolate with caramelized almond’s crunches. You can buy Dates Pudding Pastry by 13 AED/per ps or Dates Pudding Cake by 95 AED/per ps. 2. All local people love a MILK CAKE with different flavours: – Milk Cake Pistachio Moi... Read more
Dates Pudding Pastry

16 June 2018

Dear customers, We happy to announce about a NEW PRODUCT – NEW TASTE! The Dates Pudding Pastry and Dates Pudding Cake, it’s a tender dates sponge is covered by milk chocolate and caramelized almond crunches. The price of pastry is 13 AED/ per ps. The price of cake is 95 AED/per ps. Read more
Eid Al Fitr

13 June 2018

Dear friends, Holy Ramadan is coming to finish. And comes up the Celebration Eid Al Fitr. Katrina Sweets & Confectionery invites all people to our branches and offers SPECIAL EID CAKES, PROFITEROLE’S PLATES and COOKIES SETS for gifts. For make reserve pls use the contacts details of nearest branch. Read more
Mother’s Day

20 May 2018

Dear friends,For the best Mom, Katrina Sweets & Confectionery offers beautiful cakes. Visit our branches!The prices of the cakes from 157.5 AED till 183.75 AED per kg.Happy Mother’s Day! Read more