Ramadan is coming soon

12 May 2018

Dear customer!Holy Ramadan is coming soon!Our working time will be continued until 1 AM every day.Please check of each branches on the website Read more
Ramadan offer

9 May 2018

Dear customer! During Ramadan Period, you can buy your favorite Honey Cake or Honey pastry at any branches with 10%. Pls check the contact details of branches for Ramadan Timing. Read more
Easter is coming soon!

28 March 2018

Dear friends,Easter is coming soon!Easter Day – the main day of the Christian festival, which will fall on 1st April for Western Christians and on 8th April for Orthodox Christians.Katrina Sweets & Confectionery offers special bread for Orthodox Christian is name of Easter Bread (kulich) with different sizes.Ch... Read more
Honey Cake

19 January 2018

Dear friends, The icon of Katrina Bakery is a favorite Honey Cake. The Honey Cake’s recipe comes from Russia in the 18th century. 6-layers Honey Cake consist of aerial sponges and whipped cream. The secret of the best quality of Homey Cake is natural ingredients: pure honey, dairy butter & dairy whipped cream. For chocolate lovers... Read more